Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Music Correspondent Generator.

Our Music correspondent writes: 'I despise you and I hate your taste in music. Go on, make me laugh. Tell me your favourite band/singer/album.'

The Generator told the Music Correspondent he likes the world famous band The Generators. This is what he said:

What do I think about The Generators' new album 'Stay in It?' I'll tell you what I think... How many times do The Generators need to tell us all about their miserable fucking life? Track two, 'Skeletons' just reeks of teenage bedroom poetry and should have stayed there. Track five, 'My Curse' isn't that bad. Ha ha. Got you. It's just a tiny bit worse than, say, the sound of a collection of cheap samples, bad lyrics, over-produced warbling and something that goes 'ping' throughout.

If you've just bought 'Stay in It,' take my advice and get a big black marker and scrawl all over track 8 before you play it. If you've already played it, you no doubt know all about the gentle sound of the crap usually hosted on geocities by colour blind web idiots it produces from your speakers. In fact, my grandmother sucks eggs better than this shite.'

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