Friday, February 11, 2005

Keyword Email Signature Generator.

Do you want to annoy those at Echelon (you know, the organization that watches your every move) with some suspicious words in your email signature?
This generator uses a combination of 1662 words to create random signatures for some gagging fun.

I just send an email and signed like this:

Yours Truly, The Generator. Agencies AIMSX argus bank Broadside Centro Chan DC6 detcord DSNET1 DynCorp E911 Enemy of the St FAS Field Security FSB illuminati incendiary devi IRAN ISCS JAVA JRSC KY-75 lamma MOSSAD MP40 NAIAG NASA niche NSWT P415 PLO r00t RPC SAS SC Shipiro unclassified Uzi

Have to go now, someone's knocking on the door!

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(via Tommi)