Sunday, February 13, 2005

Name Meaning Generator.

Names. Many of us have them, yet what do they mean?
The Royal Academy of Everything has prepared a complete scientific-linguistic analysis of every name ever. Just fill in a small profile to learn about your name.

Literal meaning of Generator: Acetylcolinase.
History: Celebrated as the first word written with the first pencil invented exactly three hundred years ago next week, the name Generator was originally used to refer to a breed of goose.
Famous Generators:
Generator Toot, who could never shake an early association with the concept of acceptable losses;
Generator Tightbadger, channeller under supernatural influences of the lost consonant of Atlantis;
Generator d'Oaf, ghost-writer of Ming the Merciless's excessively sophisticated autobiography;
Typical Generator motto: 'Some bloke over there said it'd be all right.'

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