Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Website of the Year Award Generator.

It's that time of year when all mankind puts aside its differences and unites in a common pursuit: the making of '10 Best' lists. Cruelly, simple mathematics dictates that most of us will never be on one of these lists. But not any longer. With the handy Automated 'Yankee Fog Website of the Year' award you'll be whisked away to a glorious world where you, yes, you, are more beloved than Google.

This is what they said about The Generator Blog:

If you aren't a regular visitor to The Generator Blog, it's going to be difficult to fully explain just how generally brilliant it is. All I can tell you is, creator The Generator is a genius, and I say that with full knowledge of how sadly devalued the word 'genius' has become. Trust me, in Generator's case, it's an understatement.

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