Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Name Generator.

This page generates weird and wonderful male and female forenames. Not by picking random ones out of a hat (like most of the name generators out there), but actually twisting the English language in such a way to hopefully generate new and unique names.
You have to feed the generator the first two letters of a name and it will generate 20 random names starting with those two letters.

I entered 'Ge' and here are the results:

Georio, Geoffran, Gerain, Gerrodrodoreal, Gerardin, Gelincent, Geneal, Geralph, Gerand, Gerron, Genicky, Genewtonson, Geramy, Georento, Gelon, Georen, Gelonny, Germanto, Genick and Gelou.

(via Richard)

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