Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dummy Text Generator.

The Dummy text Generator creates a dummy text paragraph with the submitted character set. A function collects all the words from the database that match the character set, and groups them according to its length. Then it builds the text block by copying random elements from these groups.

I entered 'the generator blog' as a character set and this is what came out:

A ea, hale, la, toto. Blobber, a hoolee, al hoo, alter, halothane nar ra anga, al a talao nonentrant noh, rentaler. Tra, abbott, lathee ort let. Terrar heterogen le, a be. Greenhorn, engl tae goat a gent hagboat eo enabler, hae, et alan aba grata teer er.

(thanks Miguel)

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