Monday, January 24, 2005

Geek Code Generator.

Geeks come in many flavors. The flavors relate to the vocation of the particular geek. To start a code, a geek must declare himself or herself to be a geek. To do this, simply use the Geek Code Generator.

The Generator is a geek and his code is:

GB/CS/CC/IT/L/P/S d- s:- a++ C+++>$ U+++>$ P++++@>$ L++++?>$ E?>$ W+++>$ N+>$ o+?>$ K+?>$ w@>$ O+@>$ !M-- V+?>$ PS+@ !PE++>$ Y>$ PGP+@>$ t+++>$ 5++>$ X+++>$ !R- tv->$ b++++>$ DI++ !D- G@>$ e+++@>$ h+>$ r+>$ y+

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