Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Monster Pitch Generator.

Ever seen a trailer for a new horror movie and thought 'Damn, I could come up with something better than that.' Here's your chance to create the ultimate horror movie. Then sit back and enjoy your very own movie pitch!

The Generator created this movie plot:

Pjotr Iscary stars as Seagull Man, half seagull, half man. When Professor Kitsy Bungess (Luanna Ghastly) accidentally created seagull man in her laboratory in the sleepy little town of Oppression, California, she shunted his romantic advances.
That hurt Seagull Man, and he has vowed revenge on Kitsy, Oppression, and all of humanity! As Seagull Man attempts to make the Earth a man-free zone, only Professor Bungess and her partially blind great uncle Roger (Heinz Furchterregend) can stop him! Feel the excitement! Witness the brutality! Fear the birds! Don't miss 'The Revenge of Seagull Man,' your life may never be the same!

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